Photo by Pixabay on A season of transition, even the the air holds tension. Expectation masquerading as apprehension riding in on the tail of the spring breeze. Clarity of vision for tomorrow is what I crave . In my dreams I've seen a different way. Life is blissfully misfitting, joyful yet lacking and fraction … Continue reading Transitions


Phone calls come unbeckoned. Same trigger, same lines, same tears, same audible ache , same half spoken regrets... Followed by the same empty promises that vanish as quickly as the air it took to speak them. You were always false hope. Always heart ache. After all these years the silence still speaks more honestly than … Continue reading Breath.

Anniversary of a different kind …

It's been a year since our home sold and we sprinted headlong from the edge of logic and reason in search of a truer tomorrow. Shaking the entanglements like dust from our feet … throwing our rights to the wind trusting in heavens hands to catch us as we fell …. Blind faith in those … Continue reading Anniversary of a different kind …

Freedoms story .

He saves us in a thousand ways, and we can't know them all.Why do we expect freedom to be easy, look beautiful?It's a kind of holy wretchedness that is the beginning of his love story... Freedom is found at the foot of crucifixion...spilt out running down across the hardened earth as the sun hid her … Continue reading Freedoms story .


Strange space to find myself after all we've walked ... find my feet touch ground in familiar yet uncharted territory . The girl I used to be would have fit this space in a much more tidy manner ..., but all that looked neat and pruned has long been lost to the wilderness wandering ....yet … Continue reading Disconnect.


Sometimes falling is flying. What felt like plummeting in blind and violent decent was in truth the rush of wind that caused me to spread wings ... taught to fly whilst in freefall and instead of hitting bottom it seems I'm learning to soar ... That sweet voice whispered words "jump and I'll catch you … Continue reading Fledging

Not just a word. . .

Love is a verb...kinetic, fluid. Love must flow from hearts and out hands not just lips. Love cannot be simply spoken but must be fully embodied and walked out in physical form. Love spurs feet in forward motion strengthens resolve and lifts heads higher. It's electric.. Ever moving shifting flowing energetic force that sparks light … Continue reading Not just a word. . .


Truth dear heart is absolute, not subjective. It does not come in shades of grey...changeable like stage costumes. It is seldom choreographed, never does not fear exposure. Viewing truth from different angles does not change its composition . Its solid, not vapor. It stands alone sure footed not needing to survive afloat on the … Continue reading Truthseeker


Seems courage is missing ....fear takes place as counterfeit memories rampage through  distorting a  mind ... Grass is always greener elsewhere and its true for a while till you realise that all green lawns are labour intensive . Shame and guilt arrive and unpack suitcases settling in and making them selves comfy .. they are … Continue reading MIA