Sometimes inspiration flows like a fountain, overwhelming me like an avalanche.

When my pen can’t contain or keep pace with the revelation outpoured.Ideas like wildfires spark across the page.This is my favorite space.

A stark contrast to where I sit presently.Silent and still.I hunger to hear direction, reassurance.What now? Retreat back to the comfortable space of anonymity…nothingness while waiting for the next alotment?

Does inspiration run dry? What causes my heart to doubt its truth and my eyes to be blinded to the glory that abounds?

After all, is it not just in the quiet places that grace is outpoured but also in the chaos that it is found?

Perhaps it takes courage to put pen to paper with enough faith that through this scribble something will develop .. courage to risk foolishness and failure and press forward.Could it be fear that separates me? The shame of falling short keeps me silent, hesitant, stuck?

What if I summoned the courage to follow this lead? Chase my bliss .. build my dreams and risk my heart?

Do I have the faith it takes to step out of the boat? Faith to build the ark? Perhaps I will fall short … but just maybe Ill surprise myself ?

Step out of the silence. Surrender my comfort. Own it.Risk it. Take the leap.

Here in all my brokenness…Authentically complete.

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