Midday sun is warm on my face and the wind whips high around the tops of the trees that line our garden spilling rust and gold colored autumn leaves down to the earth.

The garden is getting ready to sleep. The autumn flowers are showcasing their last sprays of color in rich abundance and the citrus trees are slowly turning from green to vibrant orange. Dragonflies fill the space between the falling leaves and the wind howls high painting a soundtrack to my afternoon.

Why do I love autumn so much? Maybe it’s the lower UV levels… It’s becoming safer for our shade seeker to play longer outside.

Or maybe it’s just the way this country life showcases the changing seasons. Coastal life doesn’t mark the changing of seasons so well as this place.No, palm trees, and golden sandy beaches hold nothing against the seasonal contrasts that can be found in the country.

Here warm house fires burn and the smell of winters approach fills the air. Long nights fireside.Marshmallows… Savoring hot cuppas accompanied by long conversations on the sun deck is my favorite pass time.

I’ve learned that change is good. Blessed even.

I didn’t always feel this way. The prospect of change filled me with dread. The unknown has a way to undo one’s composure sowing anxiety into the heart. Change is uncomfortable, to say the least.

But no… I long for change. I welcome it in with open arms. New beginnings with old accomplices. A different adventure. Who wants to stay stuck? Never moving from season to season. Never growing, becoming. Who wants to put in the work but not bear witness to the fruit of their labor? No, change is good.

Change is growth. Labor pains whilst inherently painful and difficult to bear give birth to new life and blessing. Growing is painful. The uncertainty that floods in with new ideas feel unstable until it takes root. So in the seasons of wobble filled with the aches of uncertainty I’m learning to hold tight to the hope that the season will change. The pain will give way to new adventures. I’m learning to trust the processes that lead me out of one place and into another.

Like long summer days fading into cool autumn nights…I welcome the winter with its frozen mornings and the wonder on the girls faces as they sprint across the yard their breath all icy fog and frost covered grasses crunching audibly underfoot.

Change is good. Blessed even.

One thought on “Autumn…

  1. So well written
    I could feel the warmth of being out of the wind soaking up the autumn sun and watching puffs of breeze play with the leaves.
    I love autumn to
    Made me appreciate the change,look at change with different perspectives.
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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