Truth dear heart is absolute, not subjective.

It does not come in shades of grey…changeable like stage costumes. It is seldom choreographed, never rehearsed….it does not fear exposure.

Viewing truth from different angles does not change its composition .

Its solid, not vapor.

It stands alone sure footed not needing to survive afloat on the slanderous tear downs of another.

What is,is.

All the lies on earth don’t change the facts .

Truth is buoyant. You can’t keep it sunken down, no matter how hard you try .

Fakery breeds false comfort .Its the calm before the storm.

Even truth seekers can be deceived if the lies are comfortable enough to snuggle down into.

If they support the picture dear hearts crave to hold then we dive in blindly mesmerized by possibility and empty promises.

And can you blame us ?

I’ve jumped to by a line. Led by love and the false hope the lie birthed.

I, who should have known better ,sort truth and brought the lie, the con, the scam…..price paid but to late to avoid collateral damage.

Did you know crocodile tears aren’t just shed by crocodiles? Consider them costume jewellery ,all a part of the show.

Oh dear hearts, please learn from my mistakes!

Please learn to not just see but seek it out .That truth amongst the tangled webs ,even if its hard to swallow.

For these little hearts that I hold so close I pray they always value honesty above all else.

That they love fiercely and forgive freely but are wise enough to spot deception a mile off and bold enough to call it out .

I want them to know that forgiveness is the holy home of freedom .

I pray they are less easily fooled then I.

That they know their worth is based on the intrinsic value of their soul and nothing else.

That they are ever loved !

That they are wiser then I .

That they have compassion for broken ones but safe enough regard for self to not be broken down by them.

I pray they have courage enough to know their limits ,brave enough to hold firm boundaries.

To know there is more honour in a painful truth then face saving white lies.

To be brave enough to be authentic always .To never loose their fight.

To never compromise their values or sell their souls for transient things.

To know the difference between real hope and empty words that only offer make believe.

I strive to teach them to see souls ,not faces .Not eyes and hands but hearts . To see the scars and the landscapes of those inner places that make us who we are .

To know the power that they hold and to always use it justly.

For them to know compassion ,forgiveness and truth will always take us further then bitterness and anger but that anger has its place … just don’t stay there to long.

That grace and mercy are divinely given into overflow when called up on.

To see the worth of showing up for hard conversations and the merit in asking harder questions .

To try to always speak truth in love.

That love is a gift ,but trust is earnt ….and to never sell themselves short in that regard.

That hearts do break but then they heal .

That fires don’t always mean destruction but can refine hearts and lives into the purest form .

To not fear the storms just because we feel the wind and rain.

That there are better days ahead.

That they are worthy of love , of truth , of respect and dignity.

To settle for nothing less.

That life is hard , but God is good and tomorrow always comes.

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