Sometimes falling is flying.

What felt like plummeting in blind and violent decent was in truth the rush of wind that caused me to spread wings … taught to fly whilst in freefall and instead of hitting bottom it seems I’m learning to soar …

That sweet voice whispered words “jump and I’ll catch you “ saw us leave the broken nest , running away from the familiarity of what we had known, and into new horizons.

Now uncharted territory is where we find ourselves and I could not have scripted this no matter how hard I tried.

To my amazement its ease and grace here in this space.

Faith sees life unfold before us and its never held so much colour as it does right now.

While this heart still beats at double pace, and scars still need healing…

Yet even in the unfinished middle places this freedom grows sweeter still with each day that passes … Exhale is where it’s at coasting on the up drafts on winds of faith and prayer. 

I still don’t know what tomorrow holds, or where these thermal currents lead but confidence is found in the answered prayers of yesterday that read like never-ending lists of heavens intervention and the promises that hold firm regardless of the storms that come.

So storms may still come but for us on this side of the last armageddon that saw the epic ending of all we knew, here in this aftermath the shame can’t hold us ,fear has lost her grip ..

Like the Eagle its a lesson in not to fearing the storms but simply rise above, flying higher than the rain and wind.

Infinite with possibilities is the technicolour promise of tomorrows horizon.

Life begins again.  Rerouted..upscaled , renovated..moving into a new season under what appears to be an open heaven.

Here the air is sweeter….the water cooler..and what’s before us far outshines all we left behind.

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