Not just a word. . .

Love is a verb…kinetic, fluid.

Love must flow from hearts and out hands not just lips.

Love cannot be simply spoken but must be fully embodied and walked out in physical form.

Love spurs feet in forward motion strengthens resolve and lifts heads higher.

It’s electric.. Ever moving shifting flowing energetic force that sparks light and life in its wake.

Love actioned is weighty and holds the keys to fulfilled dreams, healed hearts…

Love is like a seed that grows into a mighty oak only requiring the act of planting to become itself.
Love needs acting on or it is nothing.

It never fails. Never falls short.
Love is eyes wide open and hands extended.
Steadfast and faithful.

Love is not self-seeking but humbly holds hands of grace and heart to those around it.

Love is not lip service….empty claims not supported by diligent hearts are simply vapour, mist, dust…lasting only as long as the breath it took to speak it…leaving nothing in its trace.

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