Knowing God is love…..

….. Is not the same as knowing God loves you,

desires to know you.

It was this astounding love for us that stood in our place and poured out life itself so that we might be redeemed and restored back into right relationship.

The cross; gifted us freedom.

We were given freedom so we might have relationship.

It was always about connection.

It is always about love.

Let’s go back a little…

In the beginning, God made everything, all things, all creation brought to life by loves word..

Love conceived the heavens and the earth and all that lives in it….

Love designed the diversity of it all.

But in all creation only one was made in loves own image.

Love made us….. to be like him.

God is love ——– you are made in the image of love.

We are created to be the physical manifestation of his love.

This was always our purpose.

When Eve took the apple, we took on the image and knowledge of self.

Now, self is what we know. Fractured from our design, it’s what we live for. It’s not enough.

We are incomplete.

Living for Self is not what we are created for. Living this way divides us from love himself. Separating us from our creator, from our purpose, from love.

In order to ransom us back into the right relationship… himself, sent one.

One came for many…

To call us back to being Christ-like.

To be loved in relationship with our creator….. and in knowing him …we are to become love like him.

The cross wasn’t intended to expose sin, but to overcome it.

Sin removed, Washed, clean, purified.


Jesus sacrifice abolished the power and the stain of sin that divided us from his love…

The cross came at a cost……. The faultless, blameless son of God paid for our salvation with his body.

Pouring out his blood to buy our freedom… That he may have relationship with us. 

That we might know him. 

That we might be loved by him.

We were never made for ourselves but to be his image…to be love, to glorify him.

The cross still comes at a cost. 

In accepting the gift it demands back from us.

Freedom is for relationship, with love himself first.

This relationship asks us to not remain the same but be transformed ..become love.

That we allow this love to heal us,

restore us.

change us…

That we too become love. To be loves hands and feet. ..

That we choose to pour out of our own hearts what love himself pours in.

To spill this love… like he spilt blood, for others…

Even the unlovely ones, or the ones that curse us in return. The cross, the price paid…… restore us to original design. To live a life of love poured out for others .. arms stretched wide, hearts open.

“To walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. ”

Ephesians 5:2

One thought on “Communion

  1. True Theology… revealed through genuine heart understanding.
    Ps 111:10 The reverent awe of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; knowledge of the Holy, is understanding.


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