Photo by Arun Thomas on Pexels.com

“I forgive you” … The words spat out like venom last night..causing the weight of them to fall flat… The call caught me off guard and adrenaline kicked in.

Mumma bear in full flight, please understand… It’s not personal, but I’ll fight for peace…

You can’t know the walk we’ve had.. You know in part, but not in full. I’ve worked hard to stand back up. I won’t be dragged back in.

While it hurt like hell, I actually want to thank you…as contrary as this is… You were my freedom ticket…my deliverance arrived on the wings of heartbreak.

I hope you find your freedom ride.. I hope you learn to breathe again…that your feet find solid ground.

I hope redemption comes calling and love rings true and you get your happy ending.

So forgive me for my response, and let me offer this again. Unfettered by adrenaline or rush…but just the bare bones of it. The truth and nothing less,

I forgive you for the part you played. I release you from my judgment.

I’m praying life to you and yours only… I pray better days ahead.

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