Wordless Sermons

Wordless sermons are the loudest, the weight of their silent impact reverberating long after the echoes of the preacher’s voice leave the air. It’s an old adage that says actions speak louder than words .. after all, what good is empty sentiment, hollow accolades are just that, hollow. Worth their weight in dust alone. After … Continue reading Wordless Sermons


I had a voice…we are all born with one. My prayers had authority. Now not so much. I struggle for words a fair bit… Why has the power gone from my lips when I used to swing king-hits with words that swung like sword blows and carved a way for light to penetrate and send … Continue reading Shy


“I forgive you” … The words spat out like venom last night..causing the weight of them to fall flat… The call caught me off guard and adrenaline kicked in. Mumma bear in full flight, please understand… It’s not personal, but I’ll fight for peace… You can’t know the walk we’ve had.. You know in part, … Continue reading A.


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About Me

Hi ,Im Aimee .

Im a words girl .I write to help unpack my head and hear my heart in clearer form ….everything is easier when unraveled on paper.

Mumma of 4 , Jesus freak and accidently homeschooler.

Writing is my favorite pass time and cheaper then a therapist .

Love you to join the journey and follow along.

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