A season of transition, even the the air holds tension. Expectation masquerading as apprehension riding in on the tail of the spring breeze. Clarity of vision for tomorrow is what I crave . In my dreams I’ve seen a different way. Life is blissfully misfitting, joyful yet lacking and fraction misaligned. Comforted, yes, but none … Continue reading Transitions


Phone calls come unbeckoned. Same trigger, same lines, same tears, same audible ache , same half spoken regrets… Followed by the same empty promises that vanish as quickly as the air it took to speak them. You were always false hope. Always heart ache. After all these years the silence still speaks more honestly than … Continue reading Breath.

Freedoms story .

He saves us in a thousand ways, and we can’t know them all.Why do we expect freedom to be easy, look beautiful? It’s a kind of holy wretchedness that is the beginning of his love story… Freedom is found at the foot of crucifixion…spilt out running down across the hardened earth as the sun hid … Continue reading Freedoms story .


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About Me

Hi ,Im Aimee .

Im a words girl .I write to help unpack my head and hear my heart in clearer form ….everything is easier when unraveled on paper.

Mumma of 4 , Jesus freak and accidently homeschooler.

Writing is my favorite pass time and cheaper then a therapist .

Love you to join the journey and follow along.

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