Silence.. Its been ages since silence was welcome.. I used to crave the nightshift hours when my love worked late and the little ones were in bed... Or those early mornings before dawn peaked her head around the night skies blanket and all the world still slept. But in this season of shifting and shaking … Continue reading Rewrite


Endless cycles of broken and breaking only to scar and tear and scar again. Layer upon layer upon layer upon layer and there's no escape from the torment. The demons won't leave. No peace. No safe space... Guarded hidden behind a wall of lies.. Fakery the only language. Life devoid of hope.. Devoid of living … Continue reading Nameless.


Midday sun is warm on my face and the wind whips high around the tops of the trees that line our garden spilling rust and gold colored autumn leaves down to the earth. The garden is getting ready to sleep. The autumn flowers are showcasing their last sprays of color in rich abundance and the … Continue reading Autumn…


    I am a sentimental with an artistic bent. That is to say, I have a habit of collecting stuff. Treasures/ junk, call it what you will. I can't help but fall in love with rusty sweet tins and vintage linens. I become emotionally attached to old canvas duffle bags and retro kitchen wears … Continue reading Collectables

This little light …

It's pitch black out tonight and we are late getting home. There are no street lights out here to light the way. The darkness cloaks the landscape like a blanket.We come up over the rise and the light beam from the headlights cuts through the night. The shadows rush away as light fills the space … Continue reading This little light …

Best laid plans ..

Its the end of March already. What a start to the year it's been. I had such hopes for 2019, such excitement. But then that gut feeling hit, knocking the wind from my lungs. A call from my father confirmed it - Leukaemia. Acute Myeloid Leukaemia to be exact. These words burn my ears and … Continue reading Best laid plans ..

Green thumb

First days of spring were finally here after a long winter both literally and metaphorically speaking...and this particular morning was brutal. Depression can trigger unbeckoned. Like a tsunami, it rips through the sunlight without warning turning the tide on the hope that the day had started with. Sometimes amidst the onslaught, I fall. I forget … Continue reading Green thumb

An educated life .

The disagreeable familiarity of 'deja vu' is thick here lately. A difficult diagnosis sees me revisiting the past. When my love was hurt I spent countless hours searching, reading, learning all the ins and outs of the giant before us. When it was my little girl on the receiving end of bad news again I … Continue reading An educated life .

Clear skies …

Traveling down the freeway in the hopes of making it to our destination before the menacing sky unleashes its fury. All I can see is thick black as charcoal clouds and the effects of the wind building up around me. The car shudders as another gust hits us. Rain falls so heavy I can no … Continue reading Clear skies …


Sometimes inspiration flows like a fountain, overwhelming me like an avalanche. When my pen can't contain or keep pace with the revelation outpoured.Ideas like wildfires spark across the page.This is my favorite space. A stark contrast to where I sit presently.Silent and still.I hunger to hear direction, reassurance.What now? Retreat back to the comfortable space … Continue reading Silence