Truth dear heart is absolute, not subjective. It does not come in shades of grey...changeable like stage costumes. It is seldom choreographed, never does not fear exposure. Viewing truth from different angles does not change its composition . Its solid, not vapor. It stands alone sure footed not needing to survive afloat on the … Continue reading Truthseeker


Seems courage is missing ....fear takes place as counterfeit memories rampage through¬† distorting a¬† mind ... Grass is always greener elsewhere and its true for a while till you realise that all green lawns are labour intensive . Shame and guilt arrive and unpack suitcases settling in and making them selves comfy .. they are … Continue reading MIA


RUINS derelict and abandon. Came upon them by surprise, silent and unsort.This wasn't really where I pictured us. After all this holy ground is ruined city, desolate and unkept.Its been looted and vandalised to an extent that if you didn't know what stood here before it would be unrecognisable .This landscape is pretty badly beaten … Continue reading Restoration.

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I did a hard thing afternoon at the dentist and my face is still numb! One gigantic filling later and I've realized giving in to my fears and letting them control me ( total dental phobia to the point of vomiting, I kid you not !) has meant I have avoided dealing with this … Continue reading 5 minutes more